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Uke Can Do It!

Ever thought to yourself 'I would love to play an instrument', 'It would be great to be able to play and sing along to my favourite songs'. Me too, and that is how it started for me, but my journey started with the Guitar and so to move on to a Ukulele was an absolute treasure, now I have a much lighter, smaller and easier to play, stringed instrument, what a score. To play the C chord on the Ukulele required one finger, just one finger! In comparison to 3 fingers, this was awesome. Perhaps it was this experience that gave me such confidence and motivation to spread the joy of the Ukulele to my local and outlying communities, and now with the online format, the world! Here I am teaching the Ukestra group, some are players who have progressed from the beginner group, some are musicians taking up Ukulele for the first time. What a joy!

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